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April 21, 2019

today I’m going to be showing you some eyeshadow do’s and don’ts I have all the don’ts on this side obviously and all the do’s on this side can you tell I hope so so if you’re having some trouble with blending or just eyeshadow in general and brushes don’t worry I got you if you do any of these things that I’m saying are wrong don’t worry if you’re happy with it and keep doing it I’m just giving you suggestions don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and hit that notification bow so you can be part of the pod family and if you want to learn some do’s and don’ts on eyeshadow then keep watching the first thing I’m going to talk about is priming your eyes don’t not prime your eye so this is going to be my eye that I don’t prime it’s gonna be bare if I leave it like this there might be some oils on my skin that are going to mix into the eyeshadow and make it just really difficult to blend the eyeshadow is not going to look as vibrant and it’s probably not going to last that long on the do side I would suggest you guys to prime your eye now I personally rather use a concealer than a primer but if you want to use a primer I have some suggestions for you guys Pro Longwear Paint Pot in soft ochre from Mac or the Too Faced shadow insurance is also good I prefer to use concealer over shadow bases just because concealers are a little bit more hydrating you already have dry skin it may intensify the flakiness and the dryness and the lines in your face but the ones that I suggested to you are pretty good I just they are a little bit drying for my skin type but I do always use a concealer to prime my eyes and if I’m using a concealer it’s usually going to be the one I use under my eyes something that doesn’t crease so I use either the Tarte shape tape or the NARS radiant creamy I go back and forth between them if you’re looking for a good drugstore I would suggest the Maybelline master conceal this is really really good for concealing and also for priming your eyes I’m going to use a little bit of the Tarte shape tape just use a little dot of it and then just blend it in and I’m working it in with a Beauty Blender and using these bouncing motions is going to make sure that it’s going on flawless smooth and your eye shadow is just going to look like nice even canvas and if you need to clean up your brows you can clean those up too after I like to take a face powder or an eyeshadow that’s similar to my natural skin tone and what this will do is to set your shadow in place and also fill in any line so it’s sitting on top of a smooth surface it’s going to help your brush glide onto your eyelid super smooth the next don’t is don’t start off with a dark shadow in your crease going in with the darker color is going to make it really hard to blend out and it’s also going to look very harsh also I’m using this densely-packed brush and I just dug it into the eyeshadow that’s only going to make it way harder to blend if you have blending problems already this is just gonna make it worse there’s no coming back from this guy do start off with a transition shade that is in the shade range that you’re going with I’m going to tap off the excess because you don’t want too much product on your brush or any hair so I’ll take that hair off in just a second so I’m going to go ahead and use this tapered brush right here and I’m going to use a light hand so I’m going to keep my hand towards the back of the brush and I’m going to use back and forth motions literally just the tip of the brush is gliding on the skin I’m using this tapered brush it’s going to make it a lot easier to find the crease and to blend into the crease and you just want to use a little bit at a time you want to start off with a light shade and then gradually get darker so you have that nice gradient you want it to look nice and airy kind of airbrushed and your crease is right above the lid so stay right in there but I really like to use more than one transition shade to get that gradient look I would suggest you use two to three eyeshadows in your crease that I know that might be a lot for you guys but if you really want that nice smooth look this is just something that always works for me start off with this really light shade right here and the next shade I’m taking is smitten I’m going to use the same brush because I’m not going to go back into this one tap off the excess and then I’m going to go into my crease right below the other shade and with very light pressure go back and forth or windshield wiper whichever works best for you and slowly build up that in city the next thing we’re going to talk about is adding dimension to your crease we are still in the crease there’s a lot that we need to know about the crease so when you add dimension you want to use a darker shade something that is matte so I’m going to go ahead and use the darkest darker I’m going to go ahead and use the darkest Brown in the palette which is sweet so on the don’t side I’m going to go in with this big fluffy brush to add dimension to our eye which obviously this is the definite don’t you don’t want to use something that’s too big and fluffy it’s just gonna make the product go everywhere rather than getting that precise area so don’t go in with a lot of product at once with the wrong brush do go in with a small precision brush that is tapered towards the end so it does give you that precision I like this one for morphe M 507 I like to also use this on my lower lash line so I’m just tapping my brush in the shadow and then I’m also tapping the excess off so I’m starting with just a small amount at a time and I’m holding my brush a little bit closer to the bristle because I want to add a little bit more pressure in a precise area so I’m just going to use these circular motions and kind of go and follow my outer V remember that shadow gets buried down right into the brush so you’ll always have enough shadow to work with once you feel like you absolutely have nothing else on your brush then you can add a little bit more at a time it’s still patting off the excess you want to slowly add on and not pack on all at once so the next thing we’re going to talk about is blending your eyeshadows so after this is all said and done you still want to go back over with a clean blending brush so here are two brushes this one’s densely packed in dome-shaped this one the bristles are a little bit more free towards the top you want your blending brushes to always be fluffy and clean so on the don’t side I’m going to try to blend this out as best as I can so don’t hold the brush too close to the handle this is going to make it really hard to blend and the outcome may seem super hard but you do want to use a fluffy brush hold your brush towards the back of the handle this is going to help your brush lightly glide over your shadow giving it that airbrush effect in making your eye shadow look and blended for the lid I’m going to use a really pretty color this is from makeup geek it’s called in the spotlight don’t use a fluffy brush to apply your lid color because it’s just going to get everywhere especially if it’s a shimmer that you want on the lid do use a density pack of shadow brush like this one so you can get the shadow on in the precise area that you want without making it fluff and fly everywhere all over your face so now we’re going to highlight our brow bone and on the don’t side I’m going to go in with a glittery pressed powder this is from morphe it’s the mimosa sunday shade I’m using the right brush but it’s just way too much way too glittery and just too much actually some shimmers on the brow bone look really nice if you use them just below the arch side I’m going in with a matte bone color and I’m going to blend it down into the other colors so that it transitions nicely and the whole look is really smooth and if you brought your dark crease color up too high you can always clean it up so now we’re going to talk about bouncing out your eye shadow adding something on the lower lash line to redefine that lower lash line don’t go in with a super dark shadow on your lower lash line and just keep going lower and lower because it’s literally gonna look like you’re dragging your eye down and like you haven’t gotten sleep in about 10 years do use the transition shade just like we did with the crease we layered on we started off with a light shadow went a slightly darker and darker and darker until you got the intensity that you wanted you basically want to do the same thing with a lower lash line just redefining and balancing out your eye shadow another don’t is don’t set your face makeup before you do your eye shadow because if you have any mess-ups or want to clean up anything it’s gonna be really hard to clean after you have powder and cream powder on top of a cream is basically locking it in place and if you move that around it’s it’s a messy sight it’s a scary sight to see it’s not easy to deal with and it’s just not fun at all.

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