very easy makeup look which is only five minutes

April 21, 2019

in today’s video I’m going to show you a very easy makeup look which is only five minutes I’m only using two eyeshadows to create this and it’s just really easy and quick this is definitely a look that I would wear like on the go if I want to look flawless and glam but not too dramatic and if I don’t like have a lot of time so it’s super easy but it will still look like you put a lot of effort so yeah if you want to see how I did this then keep on watching so now the first thing I’m going to do like always is use this Mac soft ochre Paint Pots which is my absolute favorite eyeshadow primer ever I’m going to use this with a sigma p84 brush and i’m just going to blend this all over the eyelid, when I’m done with applying it I’m going to set it with a little bit of translucent powder just to make sure that the eyeshadow primer is locked in place and we are ready to apply some eyeshadow and of course everything that I will be doing at one side of my eye I’m also going to do at the other side then now I’m going to apply a level of brow gel I always do this after setting my eyelid and I use the gimme brow from Benefit Cosmetics in the shade 5 and then today I’m going to play with this wet and wild rose in the air I shadow palette I’m starting with this light shade this is like super optional but I always like to use like a translucent powder underneath my brow another translucent powder I mean like a light powder this is a kind of optional I mean like it doesn’t really show up so that I’m going to use this transition color which is like a very mustardy Brown type of color it’s really beautiful and I’m going to blend this all over my crease using a sigma e40 brush and I’m going back in with my brush a few times into this eye shadow because this is going to be like my base color for my basically my whole eye look so I’m going to blend a lot of this color and as you can see it has a really nice color payoff I’m also going to straight in like apply this underneath the lower lash line sometimes I do this after applying my eyeliner and stuff but today I felt like I want to be super quick so I’m going to apply it underneath the brow bone Bravo what am I saying underneath the lower lash line straightaway then I picked up a more pencil brush and blending this back and forth and I’m trying to make like my out of the area connect with my lower lash line so everything blends together so when I’m done with that I’m going to use this eye shadow from colour-pop which is so beautiful I was wearing this every day when I was in LA a few weeks ago it’s so beautiful it has a really gorgeous sparkle in it it’s almost like you used a shadow with a sparkle on top of it but it’s just like an eyeshadow and glitter in one it’s really beautiful definitely a color that I feel like looks even more beautiful in real life it’s really a shadow that you have to see in person to really see how gorgeous it is now I’m going to use this 24/7 eye pencil from Urban Decay in the shade Lucky which is my favorite so for a new one line it really makes my eye color stand out more then I went in with email alene in New York gel eyeliner and I’m going to create a line above my lash line I’m going to create a very tiny wing if you want to be like super quick you can also go in with a liquid liner like one of those pencil liquid liners this is really easy and super quick to do for me personally I feel like Jo eyeliner was just as quick for me for myself but of course you can use like different options of eyeliner which works like quick for you so this is how it looks right now now I’m going to apply some mascara and some fake eyelashes of course if you’re really in a hurry you can skip this part and only go for like mascara but I was like I was in a hurry actually because I wanted to do this super quick look but I had some time left so I applied these fake eyelashes which are a really beautiful I’ll put in a mini description bar and then I went in with the Mac extended play gigablack lash mascara which is one of my favorite mascaras I used it to like make my lower lashes as long as possible and I also used it underneath the fake eyelashes so this is how it looks right now I feel like these lashes are really pretty they are like very natural it almost looks like your own natural lashes and then here you have the finished result I really hope you all enjoy watching today’s video I know this was a really quick and easy video but I just wanted to show you some inspiration for if you want to do something really quick but like you can still wear it for work party it’s just a little bit glare but not too glad I think everyone can suit this eye look so this is definitely a look that I would wear on a daily base I love the colors that I use it’s very subtle it’s not too warm to cool it’s like a nice in-between kind of eye look so yeah I really.

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