bareMinerals gen new dat liquid lip colors review 2019

April 21, 2019

today I’m going to be talking to you about the bareMinerals gen new dat liquid lip colors and here’s just three of them I happen 9 colors in total and I’ve been dying dying dying to thumb this video for you guys also don’t mind if you see me glistening a little bit it’s probably like 90 something degrees in my bedroom right now but we’re gonna push through and anyway so I was online and I think I’ve been using this tub for a little over a month now and when I first got the products I was on YouTube trying to look up different videos and see people’s thoughts swatches stuff like then I really didn’t get a whole lot of information I feel like when they launched the whole genuine collection there was so many different collections from different brands coming out and I feel like they definitely have not been talked about enough so I’m going to do some swatching for you guys as you guys know a little bit more details about the product so let’s just get into it ok so a little bit of information about the product bareMinerals launched this entire new collection called Gen nude they had 60 different products I believe they were liquid lipsticks regular lipsticks they have lip liners and they had lip glosses lip glosses so the products I’m going to talk about specifically today are going to be just the liquid lip colors and I have nine shades total and they retail for $18 each and according to their website ringing it off my phone it says that they are all going to be a lightweight Noatak texture and they’re going to be a cream to matte finish I will say I a hundred percent a hundred percent a thousand percent agree with that description so like I said I believe at this point I want to say totally been using them for over a month I don’t know as far as that goes um how long exactly but I am in love with this product I feel like it has not been talked about enough so let’s just get into swatches and I’m going to let you guys know two other products that I want to compare this line to and um let’s just do this so I’m going to swatch the shades and the first shade we’re going to get into is the color wink and you can see this an extremely extremely nude lip color so weak is described as the perfect nude pink I’m obviously very tan I feel like the lights wash me out a little bit you can’t really see how tan I am but we’re just going to go ahead and give this a spot okay I’m going to zoom in here so please yes and see this color my lights on completely washed me out as you can tell this color is extremely extremely nude I definitely use this as more of a mixing type of shade just because it’s a little too nude for my like and my taste again I’m very tan and I mean I can wear it on its own but I feel like it just is a little too nude for me the pink definitely pulls through on my skin tone though but it’s a really really pretty shade so yeah the next shade I have is extra and this one is described as a warm apricot nude so that’s the shade extra and you can see the peach tones in this definitely definitely pull through I would totally wear this for summer on its own or again because it is pretty light use this as a mixing shade and really dot it like in the center of something a little bit deeper but this shade is really really pretty next is the shade cookie and this is described as a soft melon again it’s another very very nude color this one I don’t think I would wear on its own but again makes a great mixing shade unless you’re more on the fair side and it won’t look as pale on you again this is a shade cookie if you have very pigmented lips like I do you want to make sure you conceal your natural lip color before you apply any of the lighter shades just because they go off a little bit patchy and you can see some of my lip color shining through a little bit um but this shade is really really pretty and again I don’t know if I would wear this shade on it though just because it’s very very light it’s a little patchy for me but it’s a really pretty color up next is the shade ohm and this is described as a caramel nude so then it’s put ohm looks like it on me I love this turn everyday nude I feel like it’s almost like a your lip color but better on my skin tone and it’s just really really pretty I don’t know how people swatch like 20 colors my lips are already starting to hurt next we have slay and this is described as a dusty light mob so that is sleigh and this color on me definitely pulls through more gray you can see that a mob undertone but it’s a really really pretty shade I would love to wear this on days that I’m going to wear more cool toned eyeshadows but it’s a really really pretty shade almost dead now we’re starting to get to the deeper shades the next shade that I have is icon and this one is described as a ripped brown mauve so this is icon and you can see it totally pulls through that Brown gray on my lips but it’s a really really pretty shade and they usually will dry pretty quickly I kind of did a thicker layer of this color so you can see the shine a little bit but it’s a really really gorgeous shade next is XYZ this one is described as a cinnamon beige this definitely has to be one of my absolute favorites I think I’ve worn this color the most since I’ve had all the shades but it’s so so pretty so here’s XYZ I am obsessed with this shade I feel like any skin tone communis if you are more fair than I am then this will pull a little bit more on Brown on your skin tone but this I am obsessed with I want to say it’s my favorite I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s my favorite out of all the ones that I own you need this color in your life next we have friendship and this one is described as an antique rose so again this is the shade friendship you could totally see those rose tones pulling through on my lips this one is another really really good shade and onto the last one this is the shade scandal and this one is described as a brown berry okay so here’s the shade scandal I think this color is going to be gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous for fall it’s so so pretty I had only worn this one once maybe twice but it is a really really pretty shade so that was all the swatches and like I did say I have been using these for well over a month and I was using them every single day I did mention um I did go back to school and where I go to school I have to work pretty neutral makeup so I was testing these guys out and there were automatically two different brand products that came to mind that I thought were really really similar so the first one is going to be a drugstore brand be a little bit more affordable if you don’t want to splurge and spend eighteen dollars and it is going to be the NYX soft matte lip creams they are so so similar but the soft matte lip creams of course are not going to wear as long as the bare minerals one um if you don’t mind reapplying every so often or every few hours these ones are awesome I have tons of them and as soon as I use the bare minerals I just really felt oh my god the texture is so so similar the way that they wear is really really similar they’re the cream to map formula and the next one’s has really really good colors the next one has tons of colors if you like the kind of really lightweight whipped almost formula that’s how it goes to me they have a lot of shades of course they have their nudes they don’t have they don’t have as many nude options I guess as you can say with these guys just because their line is only nude shades I mean they do have a lot but they do have other shades as well if you want to adventure outside of the nude shades but this is a great great more affordable I guess option you can say and another option that was goes neck and neck it’s another high-end brand and it was the Tarte lip paints of the tortise lip paints and again the formula this is the only one that I have and it is a nude shade so I was definitely able to compare it to I want to say that the Tarte formula feels a little bit dry on the lips compared to the bare minerals but if you wanted another liner if you’re not a huge fan of bare minerals I believe the Tarte one they only have maybe two or three nude shades so again some more idea as in the bare minerals obviously gives you tons of different to choose from but if you liked art they kind of fill out exactly the same so this is the next one and this is the tur one and even swatching and I don’t think you guys can tell on camera the Tarte one it does not have any Sheen to it whatsoever it’s extremely dry looking as with the next one it looks a little bit more on the wet side and then it kind of dries down and then the bareMinerals one is very similar as in it looks more on the wet side and then it’ll dry down but they’re all really really similar so that was a drugstore option and then another high-end option that I feel like they all kind of are in the same level as far as consistency goes the bare minerals are not meant to be long wearing liquid lipsticks kind of like the kind of like Anastasia or the Stila those ones are very liquidy and very thin in consistency those ones are meant to be those like super super long wear lip color so these you do have to reapply but like I said I didn’t really find like I needed to reply every hour or anything like that and I don’t really mind the reapplication process and what I like about these is because the lip formula is very lightweight when you’re reapplying you don’t have to worry worried about it getting like gunky or getting product build up the way you would with a typical regular lipstick like the similar or the almost Asya with those if you want to reapply feel like you really have to remove everything and then kind of go on very thin layers it can be a little bit of a hassle sometimes so that is pretty much it those are my thoughts and I love this product thank you so much for watching.

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