lip swatches of the new Mac retro matte lip colors

April 21, 2019

how about my beautiful friends it’s Amanda here and today I’m going to do some lip swatches of the new Mac retro matte lip colors these liquid lipsticks did previously exist in Mac’s line but they came up with 12 new shades and they have reformulated the liquid lipstick in my opinion it’s a lot more comfortable it’s less crumbly and cracki on the lips previously their retro mattes were really really dry and these are don’t get me wrong these are still super matte liquid lipsticks but I find them a lot more comfortable to wear and I can wear these for a lot longer than I could the previous formulation the lipsticks retailed for $21 each they’re available online and in store and they are part of the permanent collection so there are twelve new shades Mac sent me ten of the new shades so I am missing two what I’ll do is look for lip swatch pictures on Instagram of the two shades that I’m missing they are called simply smoked and choco tease I don’t have those two shades but I’ll look for lip swatches of them and I’ll try to insert those in the video that way you do get to see all twelve shades in this video let’s get into the lip swatches now we’ll start off with the shade burnt spice this is what I’m wearing on my lips right now it’s described as a creamy dirty rose and I really I just really like this it’s such an easy everyday lip color I think a lot of people are going to choose this as their favorite so this is burnt spice next up we have the shade – Oh spice which is described as a yellow beige and this is probably the least flattering one on me in my opinion but I’m sure there are plenty of people who will love this I just don’t think it flatters my skintone very much next up we have the shade called flesh stone and this is described as a grade neutral brown I think that these really earthy kind of muted tones that they’re coming out with are so interesting they’re definitely very on-trend right now and it’s different from a lot of what you’ll find coming out from other brands so I just I’m really into this trend I think it’s really cool it’s flattering on a lot of different skin tones and whether you like really classic everyday shades more bold shades there’s something for everyone in this line so I just think that’s really cool this is one of my favorite shades from the line it’s called cafe aashiq it’s described as a grade beige and it does have a very similar tone to flesh tone the color that I just watched but this is a little bit deeper and a little bit more like chocolatey it almost reminds me of like hot chocolate so this is cafe el-sheikh, this is one I’ve seen so many people raving about it’s the shade so me and it’s described as a grade plum it definitely has those classically Mavi tones that a lot of us are really comfortable with and I see what all the fuss is about this is a beautiful shade I can see why a lot of people are loving this one, here we have another one of my favorites this one’s called topped with brandy and it’s described as a deep dirty rose I think this is such a beautiful winter shade I have absolutely been loving this one there’s something about the shade it’s not quite berry it’s not quite purple it’s not quite pink it’s just this really kind of strange but beautiful in-between shade and I really really love this one it’s very unique, this is the shade espresso and it’s described as a deepened chocolate brown I do find this one to be very cool toned compared to what I think a chocolate brown is but I do like this one I’m not usually a brown lipstick kind of girl but I think because this one is very cool toned I find it to be a little bit more flattering and this one does need two coats to be fully opaque on my lips I have found that with the deeper shades in this line but if you’re a liquid lipstick where you know that is not uncommon with darker shades most deeper liquid lipsticks do need two coats to be really opaque so I don’t hold that against these at all and I find that it’s very easy to layer these since they do dry really quickly so this is espresso this is the shade carnivorous and it’s described as a blackened red this is a surprise favorite for me I love this I just think it’s so sexy it’s so vampy and just something about it when I put it on it just makes me feel like are you know like powerful I know you know how I feel if you have a lip color like that leave it in the comments below this is carnivorous this is the shade uniformly fabulous and it’s described as a blackened grape as you can see this is a very very deep purple shade it did take two coats to be completely opaque but with how dark the shade is I’m really impressed by the coverage I got from two coats I do find this to be less streaky than my Kat Von D liquid lipsticks which is saying something because we all know that the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks are fantastic but I think this formula is even more opaque and has better coverage I kind of feel like Lord the singer Lorde when I wear this color, the very last shade that I have is called young attitude and it’s described as a blackened teal and I have to admit I am really impressed by the shade because when I arms watched these this one took like three coats to be fully opaque but it only took two on the lips and I think that it looks really even and not patchy at all which is super impressive for a shape like this if you’re into a little bit more wild lip colors then you know it is not easy to get a fully opaque shade like this so I am really impressed by young attitude, I wanted to show you a close-up of the applicator because I really really like the style of applicator on this product I think first of all it picks up enough product to cover the lips and you really don’t need to dip back in the way that the wand is shaped makes precision application really easy it has flat edges and it also has this pointed tip so that you can go back and really refine the lip line I also wanted to show you how I touch up any smudges or mistakes because you know that happens to all of us so what I do is I take my NYX wonder pencil and once the lip color is dried I just dab a little bit of the concealer colored pencil on top of the smudge and then blend it out with a little brush that wraps up this lip swatch video let me know in the comments what your favorite shades are have you purchased any of these do you like them do you have any on your wish list let us know in the comments and as always thank you so much for watching I’ll see you in my next video bye do we have to record all this every time that’s not doing it you formulated.

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