New MAC Grand Illusion Glossy Liquid Lipcolors test

April 21, 2019

hello my beautiful friends its Amanda here and today I’m going to share with you some new products for Mac these are the grand illusion liquid lip colors these are iridescent glosses Mac describes them as holographic I do think that iridescent is a better word for them I have six of the 14 new shades so I’m gonna share lip swatches with you but first let me give you a little product info these grand illusion liquid lip colors retail for 21 dollars each they are currently available on Mac’s website for pro and select members only all you have to do to be a Mac select member is create an account on their website so pretty much anyone can have access to these they will be available for everyone and on ulties website on November 9th there was a lot of question about whether these were matte metallic liquid lipsticks these are definitely glosses they are very shiny very glossy and they are definitely not transfer proof the packaging style is very similar to the retro matte liquid lip colors however the big difference is the caps on these are this chrome metallic look and these do have the same pointed doe foot applicator as the retro matte liquid lip colors this lip product does have the Mac vanilla scent however I do notice a bit of a chemically tinge on some of them so they are definitely vanilla scented however they don’t smell exactly like a Mac lipstick I also wanted to point out that when I wear these I noticed a bit of a like minty tingle on my lips I don’t think these are plumping nowhere does Mac say they’re plumping and I don’t feel that burning sensation like a lip plumping lip gloss but I do feel just a little bit of a tingle not uncomfortable at all I hate plumping lip products but these definitely have a little bit of a sensation so I wanted to let you know about that as well like I mentioned there are 14 shades I have six so I’m gonna lip swatch the six that I have, I think these are super cool I’m really pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and not sticky they are because as you can see they are very opaque and typically with a gloss when it’s very pigmented and very opaque it tends to be super thick and super sticky these don’t have that lip sticking together feeling you know when you wear a really thick gloss and it feels like you’re like pulling I don’t know I know that’s gross these don’t have that feeling these are very smooth very comfortable like I said they’re absolutely not transfer proof because they are glosses but I do find these to be decently long wearing I think that because they’re so pigmented they do wear great on their own however these would be wonderful as lip toppers over a liner or another lipstick of course some of the crazier shades are probably not for the everyday gal like myself but they would be beautiful for lip art or for a special occasion if you like to dress up you may be wearing a costume these two shades are my favorites this is space bubble that I’m wearing right now and this is a really cool bronzy gold called gilded age I would totally wear these on their own definitely not like your average everyday look but I really like these I think these are super fun interesting exciting if you are a lip product drunky like me this is something really fun to add to your collection as always I’d love to hear your thoughts on these leave a comment and let us know what your favorite shape was thank you so much for watching and see you in my next video bye max website for sure Oh Holy Smoke Emily hi I don’t think this is my shade that’s a cool one this is like Slytherin if you’re gonna be a Slytherin for Halloween you need this even though Halloween’s already past planned for next year this reminds me of the rabbit from colour-pop mmm these great great grand illusion liquid lip colors dang it oh I haven’t even had that much caffeine today I don’t know what’s wrong with me I think this one’s my favorite oh I saved my favorite one for the very last lip swatch.

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