Revlon’s relatively new ultra HD gel lip colors

April 21, 2019

hi everyone this video is going to be for Revlon’s relatively new ultra HD gel lip colors these can be bought online at Ulta calm or of course in person at your local drugstore or at a little store they retail at Ulta for $8.99 but as usual Ulta will be running a buy one get one half off sometimes violin get one free just depending on the time so right now it is buy one get one half off if you buy two or more in increments of two and yes I do have a cold so I apologize for the way that my voice is at Ulta you can purchase all fifteen shades of this ultra HD gel lip color and i will be swatching all 15 of those shades for you in this video as always these will be live swatches of the colors and they will also show you what the colors look like with lip swatches Revlon describes these as high definition light weight colors and are supposed to be intensely hydrating and contain hyaluronic acid there’s also going to be a video for the new Revlon Colorstay cream eyeshadows so make sure that you stay tuned for that video all right I hope you are subscribed to the channel if you aren’t please just hit that red button below this window and let’s get looking at Revlon’s new Ultra HD lip colors okay so here’s the packaging they come in these slim pencil form tubes and they are twist up and each of the tubes has the number of the shade and the name of the shade on the bottom and of course they make it right as I’m about to show you guys the colors but here’s 700 HD sand 705 HD dawn 710 HD desert 715 Arabica 720hd pink cloud 725 HD sunset 730 HD tropical 735 HD garden 740 HD coral 745 HD rhubarb 750 HD lava 755 HD Adobe 760 HD vineyard 765 HD blossom and 770 HD Twilight so first we have HD sand this is a medium brownish pink nude HD dawn very similar it’s a little more metallic and a little more Moz HD desert again a sort of pinky nude more of a rose pinky nude I’m really the coast I think the type of outfit this is more of a standard brown nude pink cloud like cotton candy pink okay so there are your first five shades and next up is HD sunset this is a bright pink based coral HD tropical the neon bright fuchsia pink HD garden is a deeper more magenta pink hg coral more the teach based coral color and HD rhubarb is deeper more strawberry pink okay here are the second set of five shape here’s HD lava is a bright orange based red HD Adobe is a brick red HD is injured a moly pink HD blossom of a lavender violet purple and finally is HD Twilight which is more of a medium based purple all right there is your final and third set and CH D gel lip color shades alright so the first thing that I immediately noticed even before I opened up these lipsticks they all came Frank trapped sort of with plastic covering that you have to scrape off even before I did that you can tell that there is a very strong sort of floral sweet scent to these and it’s really off-putting I really dislike the scent I know some people like it but it is super strong it’s in my opinion like a sickly sweet kind of scent so that is the biggest turnoff and drawback to this particular product in my opinion if you are sensitive at all to fragrances you probably will not want to tolerate the fragrance that’s in these a fragrance isn’t a problem for you then that won’t make a difference to you in terms of the formulation these seem to glide on really nicely they do have good pigmentation they have a glossy creamy finish to them and they all all the shades have some degree of glitter or shimmer in them they won’t be transfer or smudge-proof the brighter and deeper shades will leave behind some degree of a staining effect and of course I have to test them on the lips and you’ll be able to see sort of the finish in the lip swatch photos that have shown but I’m a little concerned that some of the shades may be a little patchy on the lips when you apply them just based on how they swatched but let me know in the comment section billet if you have been trying any of these or wearing any of these and if you have thoughts on the formulation I hope that this video was helpful to you if you were interested in any of these colors as always.

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